Database Vulnerability Assessment

Databases are the most important information assets of an organization as they contain significant and precious information which is essential for organization success. With increased emphasis on security organizations are spending hefty amount of money on continuous upgrade of traditional network , operating system, anti-virus, and anti-spam security solutions, the vulnerabilities of the database is often overlooked.

Database vulnerability assessment is essential as it identifies weaknesses, threats and security holes in databases which could be exploit by intruders and hackers to gain access to the most crucial information in an organization. Database vulnerabilities if exploit will leads to monetary, reputation and informational losses for an organization.
Secure auditor provides two modules namely Secure Oracle Auditor and Secure SQL Auditor to perform the task of

database vulnerability assessment

and threats present in MSSQL and Oracle databases. It identifies vulnerabilities and provides exact instance for its existence without any false positive. Secure Auditor also provides solutions for identified vulnerabilities and facilitates database administrators in strengthening Oracle and MSSQL database security.




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