Database Scanning

Database scanning
is essential for database security as it identifies vulnerabilities in a database which could exploit to gain access to the most important information of an organization. Database Scanners are a specialized tool used specifically to identify vulnerabilities in database applications. One drawback for database scanners is possibility to provide false positive. It refers to the fact that database scanners can identify a vulnerability which does not exist in a certain database because they perform scanning on the basis of banner grabbing. They also do not provide exact instance for vulnerability identification. Therefore it is crucial for users to use database auditing tools rather than database scanners because of less probability of false positive.

Secure Auditor is an auditing tool which is capable of auditing Oracle and SQL databases and provides exact vulnerability specification which completely identifies the exact instance of vulnerability. Computer and system Auditing Policies defined by international organizations like SANS, ISACA and CIS are also embedded into Secure Auditor to facilitate effective Oracle and SQL database auditing.

Secure Auditor also provides solutions for identified vulnerabilities and facilitates database administrators in strengthening Oracle and SQL database security. It is equipped with facility for automated audit scheduling and automated online updates. It also provides free embedded Security reporting module which contains more than 80 types of predefined and customizable reports to assist comparative and competency analysis, risk assessment and information security management.



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