Network Designing Services

A Secure Network Design Service is a clean slate network architecture project concentrating on network security. Secure Bytes technical consultants join the client's architecture team to provide strategic network security recommendations. The engagement addresses network segmentation, firewall selection, access control policies and appropriate technology identification and selection based on business needs. These services addresses security issues proactively, it is essential to consider secure architecture before implementing a network design and is invaluable for designing and implementing a network with comprehensive security architecture.

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network designing services

Designing Services

Following are some of the Architecture designing services offered by Secure Bytes:
  • Anti-Virus Protection Architecture Designing.
  • Business Continuity Architecture Designing.
  • Directory Services Architecture Designing.
  • Firewall Architecture Designing Service.
  • IDS Architecture Designing Service.
  • Perimeter Defense Designing Service.
  • Routers Architecture Designing Service.
  • Secure AID Architecture Designing Service.
  • VPN Architecture Designing Service.
  • Wireless Network Architecture Designing Service.
  • Wired Network Architecture Designing Service.
  • Remote Access Architecture Designing Service.
  • Secure E-Commerce Architecture Designing Service.
  • Enterprise Backup Architecture Designing Service.

Key Benefits

Secure Bytes facilitates organizations in following ways:

  • Identifying and eliminating risks before problems arise.
  • Identifying potential architecture problem areas and providing recommendations.

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