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DNS LOOKUP Network Security Software Downloads

It is critically important to understand that why DNS matters to everyone? DNS is important because DNS audit is the basic enumeration technique used by hackers for network mapping. It provides a brief overview of network machines and helps in a foot printing of the entire network. Therefore it is extremely important to identify the prospective weak machines over the network.

Secure Bytes DNS Lookup is effective tool to resolve domain names into the corresponding IP address and to retrieve particular information from the target domains (for example, MX record, A record etc.). Hackers use this type of tools for Foot printing a network

DNS Lookup utility is extremely useful for checking control enforcement on network infrastructure systems. It provides an option to go for an audit of a single machine by providing a host name for the IP resolution or a range of IP addresses to check the domain name of machines present in the network either it can be Alias server or MX Server available in public domain.

dns lookup



  • Helps to resolve domain names into the corresponding IP address.
  • Information like MX Records, NS Records, PTR Records etc can be retrieved from a particular target domain with ease.
  • Helps in Enumeration which is part of Penetration Testing.

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