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SQL Server Access Rights Auditor Network Security Software Downloads

Microsoft SQL access rights auditor tool check users & roles access privileges & access permissions about database within seconds. Database security is critical to the enforcement of internal controls and security processes. Organizations traditionally have invested in IT security technology to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to private information or restricted IT services and data. Over the past few years, the scope and importance of data security in general and access rights management in particular has drastically grown. SQL databases are the most important assets of an organization infrastructure. SQL access rights management is a massive task for database administrators. It is an effective control to implement organizational policies and safeguard organizational information assets.

This Microsoft SQL privileges auditing facilitate IT auditors and IT security professionals to evaluate security controls and identify access rights granted to users are defined on the principles of need to know and least privileges. This is a fundamental check to find out who is allowed to access the database, from where and when. SQL database privileges should be carefully defined for those with a business need, define what information resources should be available for users or roles and define trusted and un-trusted networks within and outside the organization.

Microsoft SQL Access Rights Auditor is a user friendly tool which provides end user permissions information about any user or roles within seconds. This privileges auditing tool provides Information like which privilege does role or a particular user has on which tables, the association of users with the database, tables & fields as well as what they are able to control. So now IT security professionals, SQL database administrators and auditors do not need to learn complex PLSQL Queries and SQL Tables. This permissions auditing tool also facilitates in achieving strengthened governance and Regulatory Compliance like, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX ) (USA), HIPAA (USA), GLBA (USA), FISMA (USA), Data protection (EU, UK, Canadian), J-SOX (Japan), LSF (France), international standards such as ISO 27005, PCI/DSS and compliance frameworks (such as COBIT) or standards (NIST). You can also export your event logs report to other formats, like pdf, rpt, xls, doc and rtf.

Key Benefits:
  • Simplified regulatory Compliance reporting
  • Simplified access management
  • Prevent unauthorized access to, extraction from, or editing of information


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