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Port Scanner Network Security Software Downloads

Port Scanner is a basic tool required to secure a network from intrusion. Viruses probe for open ports on the weak systems of the network that can compromise entire network security measures. Continuous monitoring of open ports will identify all sort of changes even they are minute in nature. Open ports give invitation to the hackers to intrude in a system. Hackers use port scanning activity to determine the footprint of any network. Therefore the identification of open ports and Trojan ports is essential for network security because they serve as very easy target for hackers and intruders.

Port Scanner offered by Secure Bytes is fast, effective and user friendly Windows based application that enumerate, scan and identify multiple ports with a quick search. It determines open ports characteristics, available hosts and services associated with open ports. Port scanning is vital tool to identify Trojan horses, viruses and unwanted applications that aren’t required by any function in current use. Secure Bytes Port Scanner clearly depicts the status of services on any port. It also provides the information detail about the Trojan port to the end user, which they can use to double check that whether it is a Trojan port or not and in that case how to remove the Trojan.

Ports are used as an entry point to any network. It connects a network with outside world of internet and web. Open ports posses a critical threat to network security systems. Port Scanning is essential in order to maintain network security and compliance enforcement efforts. With excessive exposure to internet, open and unaddressed ports become a critical concern for data privacy. Negligence is an offense in information and network security. It is extremely critical for network security administration to smartly secure their infrastructure with smart objectives. With excessive use of internet and web faced technologies, organizations are becoming more vulnerable with intruders knocking at their virtual front doors. It is critical for organizations to scan their ports regularly to identify open ports that expose their systems to intruders over internet.

Secure Bytes Port Scanner is special software which is designed to search a network host for open ports. This is often used by administrators to check the security of their networks to withstand an attempt of breach or not. It facilitates identification of unwanted connections with ports and possible backdoors intrusions over a network. Administrator can easily control and check UCP, TCP and other ports to block services not approved by network management. Unlike other port scanners this scanner extends different scan options to the user. Besides checking for normal TCP and UDP Ports this scanner also allow user to check Peer to Peer Data Sharing Application (P2P), Voice over IP (VoIP), Games Ports and Trojan Ports on the host system. This helps in checking if there is any specific computer running any software against policy and to find any Trojan present on the host computer.

Open ports may allow services that can become security hazards for any organization. Unwanted services should be disabled and regular port scanning should be conducted for proper identification of assets.

Port Scanner

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Helps to identify open ports through hacker can break into the network.
    • Checks TCP & UDP Ports as well as P2P, VoIP, Games and Trojan Ports.
    • Helps in identify unwanted services which might be running against organization information security policy.
    • Helps in identifying any software running on any specific computer against organizational policy and to find any Trojan present on the host computer.

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