Security Auditing Services

Security Audit Services compare an organization's current and actual security state to its desired security state which is mandated by the Information Security policy.

Following are some of the auditing services offered by Secure Bytes:

Network Security Software Downloads
  • Anti-Virus Auditing Service

  • Application Server Auditing Service

  • Database Server Auditing Service

  • Disaster Recovery Auditing Service

  • Exchange Server Auditing Service

  • File Server Auditing Service

  • Firewall Auditing Service

  • Password Auditing Service

  • Remote Access Auditing Service

  • Router Auditing Service

  • IDS Auditing Service

  • VPN Auditing Service


After receiving these services management will have a clear understanding of their network and will be aware of whether their employees have secured the network according to the company's policies or not.

Engineers and administrators will be in a better position to find whether they have missed any steps while they are conducting security measurements.

After getting these services and rectifying the problems, Organizations will have peace of mind that their systems are secured according to their company's policies.

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