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Audit is generally known as an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, enterprise, project or product and IT Audit it means examination of the controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure. An IT audit is the method of collecting and evaluating evidence or proofs of an organization's information systems, practices, and operations. The evaluation of obtained evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization's goals or objectives. Whether a manual or automated audit is conducted, a checklist is followed. Usually in manual auditing, the numbers of checks or checklist against which audit is conducted are fewer and it also consumes time and a lot financial resources.

Secure Auditor™ helps you to conduct automated IT audits on Windows Based Machines, Oracle Databases, MSSQL Servers & Cisco Routers and Switches according to CIS, ISACA & SANS within minutes and finds out vulnerabilities alongwith solution and also gives exact vulnerability specification. Secure Auditor also helps to achieve compliance according to SOX, GLBA, FISMA, HIPPA and PCI Security Standards. Below mentioned is the checklist against which Secure Auditor conducts IT audit.

  • AAA
  • Access Control
  • Access Permissions
  • Access Rights
  • Account policies
  • Anti-virus
  • Arbitrary code execution
  • Audit Policies
  • Authentication Mechanism
  • Banner
  • Blank Password
  • Buffer Overflow
  • CDP Vulnerabilities
  • Cisco IOS Base Vulnerabilities
  • Cisco Mis-Configuration Vulnerabilities
  • Cisco Passwords Vulnerabilities
  • Compatibility
  • Dangers Packages
  • Data integrity
  • Database Roles
  • Database Triggers
  • Default Password Check
  • Denial of Service Issues
  • Dormant Accounts
  • DTS password table publicly viewable
  • Encryption
  • Enumeration
  • Extended Stored Procedures
  • Filer Permissions
  • Folder Permissions
  • Guest Access
  • Hacking tools
  • Hidden Parameters
  • HTTP Vulnerabilities
  • Information Disclosure
  • ISDN
  • Java Permissions
  • Listener Password Check
  • Listener Security
  • Local Security policy
  • Log
  • Loss of data
  • Malware
  • Message Authentication
  • Mis-Configuration
  • NTP Vulnerabilities
  • Oracle File Permissions
  • Oracle Label Security
  • Password policies
  • Patches
  • Permissions on packages
  • Privileges
  • Procedures security
  • Registry Checks
  • Remote Access
  • Role Password Check
  • Routing Vulnerabilities
  • SNMP Vulnerabilities
  • SQL Agent password publicly viewable
  • TCP/IP Vulnerabilities
  • Telnet Vulnerabilities
  • TFTP Vulnerabilities
  • Trojans
  • Unauthorized access
  • User Rights
  • Viruses
  • Weak & Default Passwords
  • Windows Account Policies
  • Worm
Secure Auditor™ conducts audit against the IT Audit checklist mentioned above within in few minutes and finds out vulnerabilities against these checks.

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