The Role of Information Security in an Organization

Now as the time is passing the need of Information Security is increasing day by day. Almost all the institutions have established the information Security department to face these challenges of hacking or other internal or external threats.

There are several reasons that organizations have established Information Security department. This can be because the Government regulations required it or for Audit Report or the Senior Management thought that its necessary. Whatever the reason of establishing it but now it’s the need of time to save company to face any disaster in the form of reputation damage or financial loss. Now as the huge responsibility lies on role of Information Security department but unfortunately their mission is often misunderstood. The Information Security department can assist in managing the risks and threats to the organizations but they cannot guarantee the security of an organization’s information or system. In fact, risk is an inevitable part of life. It is the responsibility of Information Security department to help manage the risk to the organization.

Now at this point Information Security department has to set up some Long term goals as well as Short term goals. Long term goals may take several months or years to accomplish but then they might be able to quantify the risk. Significant work requires in areas like assessments, vulnerability tracking, threat identification and policy compliance monitoring.

Along with this, from time to time Short term objectives should be planned too. These can be upgrading the software, installation of a new product or even it can be checking the security of the premises. No matter how we define all these objectives, the goal is ultimately towards the Long term security for the organization.

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