System Hardening Services

System hardening is a step by step process of securely configuring a system to protect it against unauthorized access, while taking steps to make the system more reliable. Generally anything that is done in the name of system hardening ensures that the system is both secure and reliable.

System hardening is necessary since "out of the box", some operating systems tend to be designed and installed primarily to be easy to use rather than secure. Most but not all systems can have security measures enabled that will make them suitable for high security and high reliability environments.

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system hardening services

Hardening services

Following are some of the Hardening services offered by Secure Bytes:

  • Linux System Hardening Service.
  • Router Hardening Service.
  • MSSQL Database Hardening Service.
  • Oracle Database Hardening Service.
  • UNIX Server Hardening Service.
  • Windows Desktop Hardening Service.
  • Windows Server Hardening Service.

Secure Builds Services
In Secure Builds Service Secure Bytes Consultants will create customized system builds per their requirement. Which are also created according to Industry's best practices and guidelines.

Following are some of the Secure Builds services offered by Secure Bytes:

  • Cisco Routers Secure Builds Service.
  • Linux System Secure Builds Service.
  • MSSQL Database Secure Builds Service.
  • Oracle Database Secure Builds Service.
  • UNIX Server Secure Builds Service.
  • Windows Desktop Secure Builds Service.
  • Windows Server Secure Builds Service.

Key Benefits

  • Customers will have more confidence in the integrity of their data .
  • Removal of un-necessary services and inefficiencies in configuration will result in better performance.
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