Policy Services

Secure Bytes Security Policy Development Services are designed to guide organizations through the important process of developing security policies.

During this process Secure Bytes security consultants will meet with different client teams to understand and evaluate Organizations business, technical and security requirements and then Secure Bytes Consultants can design security policies that address organizations unique business environment and technical risk. While creating new or modify existing policies and procedures to ensure organization is using "best practices" for its internal policies and procedures. By following our policies, clients can be confident that they will be reducing the risk factors associated with the use of computers, thereby securing the vital information contained within the computer network.

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policy services

Policies Created

Some examples of the policies and procedures which will be created for clients business include:

  • High Level Information Security Policies.
  • Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Anti-Virus Policy.
  • Audit Policy.
  • Email Policy.
  • Dial-in Access Policy.
  • Third Party Access Policy.
  • Information Sensitivity Policy.
  • Password Protection Policy.
  • Remote Access Policy.
  • Risk Assessment Policy.
  • Server Security Policy.
  • The Third Party Network Connection Agreement.
  • VPN Security Policy.
  • Wireless Communication Policy.
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