Security Assessment Lifecycle
Secure Auditor™ utilizes the Security Assessment Life Cycle while performing audits. Secure Auditor is designed to provide a 360 degree assessment of security posture of an organization therefore in the beginning it identifies information assets and enumerate the network to explore vulnerabilities which could be identified and exploited without logging on them. It extends options of auditing single or multiple machines within minutes against predefined polices like CIS, ISACA, PCI DSS, SANS, SOX or customizable security polices.

Secure Auditor's Security Assessment Life Cycle is described below. Security Assessment Life Cycle has five Steps:
  Step 1 - Identify Information Assets
  Step 2 - Create Auditing Profile
  Step 3 - Conduct Audit
  Step 4 - Review Reports
  Step 5 - Analyze and Mitigate the Risk

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