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Vulnerability Scanners Network Security Software Downloads

Vulnerability Scanners are security software specifically designed to identify vulnerabilities into network. It is a computer program which search for system weaknesses through a step by step process of scanning ports, IP addresses, operating systems, databases and applications. Scanner provides reports of their findings which help users in mitigating identified threats.

Vulnerability Scanners can provide false positive as they only do guessing. False positive refers to the identification of vulnerabilities that do not exist on network.

Vulnerability Scanners are available for both free and commercial purposes. They play a prominent role in securing and managing networks.

They proactively identified exploitable weaknesses in network and thus reduce intrusion. Many Scanners provide solutions of identified vulnerabilities to facilitate fixing. There are of many types depending upon their functionality and purpose. Some of the main categories are as follows.
  1. Database scanners
  2. Vulnerability scanners
  3. Port Scanner
  4. Network Scanner etc.

Our Vulnerability Scanners Are

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